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The Noojee Sanctuary
est. 2013

The Noojee Sanctuary was originally my father’s home. I started working on it in 2013, fully gutting and restoring the main home and creating the guest suite, as well as the massage parlour and outdoor living spaces into what you see today.

In the beginning the house was so run down and old that most people told me I’d have no hope in restoring it, but I pressed on as it was too sentimental to leave! Lots of hard work went into the restoration and today, the home is as pretty as a picture – flooded with light and bush country charm, eclectic styling, warm vibes and a friendly, tranquil atmosphere.

I’d say its always going to be a work in progress as it evolves with my business and our lives. The name “The Noojee Sanctuary” was given to the property in 2013 after good friends who assisted in the restoration process said that this what the property felt like to them… and I have to agree!

– Jessica, Your Host

About Your Stay

At The Noojee Sanctuary you can feel right at home. Your privacy is completely respected and your needs tailored to in a personalised way.

Your Host


I have worked in many different roles throughout my working career, and have enjoyed great flexibility working in many locations, but what brings me back to my roots is caring for others.

With a background in community services, life coaching and massage therapy, I’ve created the perfect space to reconnect, unwind and relax.

Guests who have stayed at The Noojee Sanctuary have felt immersed in nature, very comfortable and safe, and above all, entirely nurtured.

Together with my daughter, Lexi, let us show you just how special Noojee is and why we call this special place our home.

Visit Baw Baw and enjoy complete peace and relaxation.

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